1. Hi Stephan. Read about you today and feel sorry you had to live with this so long. I do believe it was my wedding at the Biltmore you referred to. The other altar serving was Frank Joseph . Fr. LeBoeuf spent a lot of time at my parents house, drinking with my father who was an alcoholic. He was always drunk and used to say “I say and preach at Mass when I am drunk ! I quess nothing surprises me about him. Your parents were such devout Catholics they would have never believed anyone. If you are going forward with this, please know I would be a witness or provide more about him . He showed up at my rehearsal but just to the rectory to have a drink and one of the priests from St. Pius took over. My daughter Nancy ( you did her wedding) read the priest that married died from a bear attack the day he was to go to court . Do you think our marriages are valid? Lol Remember my mother was his organist. So glad you came forth

    1. Thank you Betty. I remember you all with such affection. I am fine. My only reason for stepping forward was at the initial invitation, and then to see what looks like a continued coverup, angered me so I spoke to the journal. I recall Frank who witnessed what I described. Whether or not they speak with him does not matter. LeBeourf is now identified as the abuser he was. My love to all of you,

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