Angels of Pompeii


angels-of-pompeii-coverOverview From Barnes & Noble:

When photographer & teacher Stephen Brigidi traveled to Pompeii for the first time, he was captivated by the luminous frescoes of angels on the decayed walls of the ancient city, which was destroyed by volcanic eruption in 79 A.D. He returned many times to photograph the angels & the crumbling walls around them. Brigidi began to feel that the poetry of the angels could be best communicated when combined with the response of another artist who perceived the angels message. That other artist was Robert Bly, whose powerful poems, both old & new, allowed the marriage of words & pictures to happen. Full-color photos.

“This was a wonderful collaboration since Bly is a poet fully versed in mythology and the theories of psychologist Carl Jung. The poem “The One Coming Closer” is mysterious and yet makes reference to the undiscovered self emerging in all of us. “Men, Women, and Earth” is accompanied by a stunning male nude, possibly Dionysus due to the grape leaves in his hair, surrounded by a vast gold textured surface of incredible beauty…” (Read more of this review on Amazon)

“This book was a gift from my son who saw ancient images and beautiful poetry combined into an intriguing book. This is a lovely work that captures the imagination and makes me long to visit Pompeii…” (Read more of this review on Amazon)

“The photographs are just beautiful, and one of my favorite Bly poems is in this book. I’ve had it for years.” (Read more reviews on GoodReads)

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