Photographic Terms

Silver-gelatin: true black & white printing from a conventional continuous tone negative hand printed in the darkroom with silver based paper held by a gelatin base.

Cibachrome: direct process of wet color printing from an original transparency image, a positive-to-positive darkroom printing method with full saturation of colors produced through layers of dye built into the poly paper support.

Dye transfer print: literally transferring the image by separating it into three basic colors of yellow, magenta, and cyan organic dyes, held by a matrix films and reformed upon a fiber support or other paper. Original image may come from transparency or color negative. This is considered to be a fine archival printing process.

Dye Coupler print: also described as Type C or chromogenic print made from color negative in wet based darkroom where color is combined from chemistry and dye layers of paper.

Ultrachrome print: a dry digital print which is computer based and may be from a negative or transparency scan or from a digital file. Image may be full color or black & white inclusive of color tint. Ultrachome inks are considered highly permanent.

Monoprint: one of a kind print with unique printing or hand-altered characteristics made from wet or dry condition.

Mural print: a black & white base print made to large size and hand toned wet and later receiving paint and other markings to become unique hand-made print.

Mixed Media: any combination of photographic emulsion incorporated with oil or water based paint, conte’ crayon, watercolor, charcoal, pastels or graphite markings.

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