1. Dear Stephan,

        Thank you for your quick response. I already contacted R. Klein and I hoped for a cheaper price 😊. Do you have other pictures from F. Woodman? I think she is on the front of your ‘portraits’? also I saw somewhere a contact print from the completed ‘woman with large plate’ session. Is it (still) for sale? The woman with plate I like a lot. Was the set up a Francesca’s idea? I see a lot of resemblance in your and her approach.

        Kind regards, Stefan Brouwer.

  1. Hello Stefan, I am pleased that you enjoy the work. There are two versions of Francesca Woodman, one is with the large plate, another is without the plate found on my Portrait book cover. The idea for the session was prompted by the plate itself. I asked Francesca to join me in this work by posing with the plate. Some things happened spontaneously with her hair being brought down. She herself was a confident model, briefly my student. Robert Klein has an exclusive arrangement with me and he sets the prices. Ask him about the Art Money program. I believe you can make payments, though not sure. Thank you again for your interest.
    Stephan Brigidi

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